Pallet Crate Manufacture

The main material palettes, pine and spruce trees. 22 000 m2 factory for the production environment Pallet timber cutting and shooting as part of the field is divided into packets. Palette section for the production of stocks of raw materials necessary to obtain serayl Sözenler Forest Products. Crawler dramatically cut production at any moment can be inserted into many boards. Spruce and pine trees produced the desired length and thickness, euro pallets, pallet standards. Pallet-trained and specialized personnel in each field during pile driving auxiliary uses  modern equipment.

Export of forest products to manufacturers of pallets move in Trabzon Sözenler downturn puts ISPM 15 standard pallets with the production of high quality perception of the problem our country is also the satisfaction of contributing to the economy of living.

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which is a subsidiary of the international Plant Protection Commission (IPPC) Secretariat in Rome in 2002 the contribution of members of the massive wooden packaging and pallets used in international trade is a new standard (International Standards For ISPM15 phytosanitary Measures)

ISPM 15 is important for our country.  Because of products exported to be used henceforth all packaging material made of solid wood to heat treatment or fumigation unless they pass the borders of other countries that can not enter into.

Accordance with ISPM fumigation or heat treatment pallets for the production of the required conditions to ensure the full meaning of the event will not encounter problems exporting companies. Our company is determined by the IPPC ISPM 15 compliance with international plant protection commission, produce and palettes needed to make a mark to the document that is required by the standard.
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