Sözenler Forest Products

Sözenler Forest Products to our esteemed customers as the technology, followed closely by continuous and long-lasting products always aim to offer the highest quality. Expert and experienced team are trying to satisfy our customers, the last system error-free production facilities experiencing the joy of the production of quality products. Sözenler Forest Products by producing high quality timber forest products without damaging the environment of trust structures aim to be address. Harmless in terms of health products, natural and safe to use anywhere in your life.

ISPM 15 Standard

Standard governing the use of wood materials in international trade.

What is Impregnation?

The impregnation process of impregnating substances of different chemical structure of wood in a variety of ways.

Impregnated Wood

We have impregnated the first and only facility in the Black Sea. Life of the impregnation of wood is 10 times longer life and contributes to the protection of nature.  Applied to all types of wood.

Pallet Production

ISPM 15 is certified according to international standards cargo pallet production is done in our company. Production cargo pallets and crates that transport of the products available in a healthy way.

Wooden House

Standard projects have created custom applications are also available next to the wooden house productions.Making a partial or complete implementation for the wooden house.

Timber Production

For construction, roofing and timber joinery within range can visit the showroom. Domestic production and import options, we offer a wide portfolio of products.


We offer varieties of wood paneling, for those who wish to live naturally in the house. Ideal material to create a natural and warm atmosphere indoors. Pine, spruce trees, such as is produced.

Solid Panel

Hundred percent natural solid form of plates used in the furniture industry as a solid panel insertion length and height can be produced from the additive. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the standards to a certain extent.

Door Production

The door at the same time, our company provides the raw material for the production application, press the door, the door is also served with the production boom.  You can count on everywhere in your home to Sözenler Forest Products.


Worn and damaged by neglect our professional team are carrying out restoration work on wooden structures. Old structures are doing like the first day.

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