Impregnated Wood Production

With impregnating plant in the first sector of the Black Sea Sözenler impregnation of wood with a clear requirement that the need for maintenance-free life, and technically "imregnated system" as your service since 2004 and offers active. The general principle of our system is a pressure-vacuum system Impregnated  prolonging the life of the wood by the saturating  wood preservative. We provide you with the Sözenler quality of this technique is used as a wood preservative tanalith e, fungi, insects and termite attacks used against the European and world standards, the only proven effectiveness and with laboratory and field tests of a new generation of environmentally friendly wood preservative.
Human, animal and plant health, not harm. Tanalith applied  wood  do not rot. The life of at least increases 10 times.
• Park-garden furniture,
• Municipal garden benches and a raised floor
• Wooden houses
• Laying under grid
• Roof elements
• Floor and wall coverings,
• Children's play areas,
• Fence, patio, camellia
used in as this areas such as wood, outdoor weather conditions, rain and not affected by humidity.

Sözenler, vacuum-pressure impregnation method is applied, modern, safe and environment-friendly, European and global standards and the effectiveness of tests in laboratory and field-proven, single impregnation material Tanalith  e uses that do not cause corrosion.

Tanalith-e 's unique advantages

• Tanalith-e the wood, as well as maintenance, paint, varnish is required. Is based on many years. If desired, can be painted for decorative purposes.
• Ttanalith-e the wood, the outside weather conditions, rain and not affected by humidity, so, garden furniture, children's play areas, siding, fence, pergola, patio and so on. Is based on many years.
• Tanalith-e the wood, homogeneous color. This color is in the external environment, the same beauty for years and is slowly converted to the color of honey.
• Tanalith-e the wood is a very long life. On the other hand, compared to other wood preservatives, metal in terms of links is not caused by corrosion has been proven through testing performed.
• Tanalith-e odorless. Tanalith-e'an alternative to some of the products, wood, cause a bad odor during and after processing.
• Tanalith-e is safe. Not only the wood, also protects the user! Tanalith-e,  the wood structure is fixed after impregnation. Fences, railings, garden furniture, animal barns, silos, farm buildings, wood siding and children's play areas be safely used. It does not harm human health,plant and animal.
• Tanalith-e, world and European standards. Tanalith-e the wood, underground and above ground, all of the hazards, handling, world and European standards, and extremely safe.
• Tanalith-E offers higher performance. Tanalith-e, since the early years of 1990, used in the commercial area and use, are becoming increasingly common throughout the world.

Tanalith-e treated wood, Arch Timber Protection, and both have been tested in detail by independent experts and institutions.
Ttanalith-e treated timbers, placed throughout the world for more than twenty, and a portion of the test area, a high risk of decay were subjected to extremely negative and harsh weather conditions. These, at the end of a period of ten years, without showing any signs of decay were the conditions that they endure great works, suitable for use in commercial-sized wood, even in contact with soil, making direct contact with the desired service life is at least 20 years. This is an excellent performance.

Vacuum-pressure method

Impregnation process designed as special impregnation is done our facility, and the following stages of the ends:
1 - Initial vacuum: in this process, to be impregnated weather 700 mmHg vacuum made in the cells of the wood being payed out from this transaction tree type, tree according to thickness of the material and the specific weight varies between 15 minutes and 1 hour.
2 - While the first vacuum impregnation tank is filled to tanalith.
3 - Pressure application: high-pressure impregnation solution applied to the boiler begins to give ground to an end.  Under 10 -12 atm pressure until sufficient impregnation material wood material a certain period of absorption of this pressure are achieved.  Pressure time between 1-6 hours depending on the type of wood material and thickness, and continues to the present.
4 - Pressure duration is complete, tanalith e impregnation boiler to the storage tank is transferred and last vacuum process begins.
5 - Final vacuum: structure and surface of the wood, so the excess TANALITH E  's withdrawal of the operation is done for the last vacuum.
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